DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO:  Adrienne H,   Allie R,   Angel E,   Annette B,     Barbara EH,   Barbara G,   Carla P,   Charles E,   Crystal E,   Cynthia W,   Dan Mc C,   David T,   Dorothy C,   Eduardo D,   Elizabeth H,   Elizabeth M,   Gail B, Gailie B,   Georganne H,   Greta VS,   Gwenevere B,   Janice BH,   Jason K,   Jay K, Jayme B,   Jennie Q,   Jill B,   Julie F,   Karlo A,   Kelly C,   Lee L,   Leeza G, Leonard M,   Lexa R,   Lucy K,   Luren B,   Margi K,   Maritza B,   Mike G,   Mike Y, Milan G,  

Muneeb S,   Nancy HP,   Norm CF,   Rabbi Eliyahu J,   Reed H,    Renee V,   Roger L,   Samantha P,   Susan R,   Todd M,   Val G,   Yesenia P

who called, wrote, advised, visited, embraced during and after.


DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO DOCTORS:  Barry R and Ed F,   David H,        Lawrence H,   Robert D,   Ryan D.


DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO CAREGIVERS:  Carla P and Grace CA, and  Barbara G,   Bette,   Beverly,   Daisy,   Jason M,   Jeanette,   Marieo,   Maureen U,   Mina N,   Nely N,   Paul,   Saul,   Sharon,   Tek,   Terry,   Zimar S.


DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO:  All those who came to the Memorial Service, 11 AM, Tuesday, November 26, 2002.


DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO:  The many, many students who wrote Alberto before and after the Memorial Service.


SPECIAL THANKS TO:  Dorothy C for The Call - - to Dr. Barry R, The Best; to Greta VS and Gwenevere B for The Healing; to Norm CF,   David T,   Eduardo D  for profound support.


And… greatest gratitude to Tango… the sadness, the joy - - make me run to it, want to run from it.


Tango is an unbearable Life Force.

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